Kids Birthday Parties in Swansea 

Our Children’s Birthday Parties includes a day full of fun & laughter for both kids and adults!

A birthday party at our Swansea based centre will provide one of the most unforgettable experiences for any youngster. Kids will live out their favourite computer game in real life with their best friends where they’ll be talking about it for weeks to come at school. What better way is their to solidify new friendships than by capturing the castle flag with friends in the final seconds of the game!

Choose either a Paintball or Laser Tag party and gear up for a fun-filled birthday battle!!

Children’s Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday in Swansea where kids will leave with long lasting memories for them and their friends!

Book online and make your birthday party one to remember at Teamforce!

Paintball & Laser Tag Birthday Parties

At Teamforce we offer birthday party packages for both Paintball & Laser Tag for children and adults aged 8 years and over.

Please look below to see what best suits your birthday party!



    • T22 Assault Rifle per child
    • Full safety briefing
    • Protective overalls, headset & more
    • INCLUDES – G36C Rifle for Birthday Boy or Girl

2 hour session (includes check-in, kit issue and safety brief). Minimum 10 players.

All this for just £18 per person.




    • 200 Paintballs per child
    • Full safety briefing
    • Protective Goggles & overalls
    • Paintball Hopper & Unlimited C02
    • Extra paintballs can be purchased on the day

 2 hour session (includes check-in, kit issue and safety brief). Minimum 10 players.

All this for just £22 per person.


Why choose us for your Birthday Party?

For over 10 years we have organised hundreds of children’s birthday parties in Swansea which are proven to be hugely popular with boys and girls due to the action packed fun of paintball.

At Teamforce we are extremely proud of our very high safety standards and first class safety record for over 10+ years that we’ve been open in Swansea.

Our fully trained marshals personally checks every players full head protection as they leave for each game. This ensures that they are safely secure and comfortable.

5 Reasons to book at Teamforce

    • Suitable for Ages 8+ – At Teamforce we offer fun & exciting Paintball & Laser Tag for children aged 8+
    • Every child will love being kitted up in ‘Call of Duty’-esque equipment where they’ll re-enact their favourite video games with their best friends for real!
    • The kids will put down the video games for a day and will be free to roam our vast woodland area whilst enjoying the fresh air like the good old days!
    • What better way to keep the kids active and tire them out!
    • Paintball is a proven way of increasing a child’s communication and interaction with classmates, teammates & friends.

Children’s Birthday Parties in Swansea

We offer both Paintball & Laser Tag for children aged 8 years and over.

Group Activity

Paintball birthday parties are a great way of increasing children’s communication & interaction with his or her classmates, teammates & friends.

Birthday Invitations

Make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special with our birthday invitations available to download online at the bottom of this page.

Full Head Protection

Every player is kitted out with protective goggles and receives a safety brief before playing Paintball with us.

Lightweight Equipment

Our Laser Tag & Paintball equipment is lightweight so its suitable for all children who play at our Swansea based centre.

Children’s Birthday Parties

Pictured are just a handful of the happy players we’ve had at Teamforce for Children’s Birthday Parties in Swansea in 10+ years!

Give them a party to remember!

Our Paintball Birthday Parties are the best way for your kids to make memories that will be talked about for weeks to come at school.

At Teamforce Paintball & Laser Tag in Swansea we offer safe fun & action packed birthday parties all year round.

Our 15 acres of woodlands promises that the birthday boy/girl and their friends will be thoroughly worn out after a day of paintball or laser tag!

Unforgettable Game Zones!

At Teamforce our ex-military designed game zones include Castles, German Tanks, Bunkers, Bridges & more!

Come join us at Teamforce in Llangyfelach, Swansea where you’ll have a blast in our natural woodland.

Important Information for Organisers

What do I need to bring for the day?

It is advisable to download, complete and sign (by a parent / guardian) the consent form from our website before arrival for players under the age of 16

What do the kids need to bring?

We recommend the following…

    • Money – incase they want to buy extra ammo etc.
    • Solid footwear such as boots or wellies – it can get muddy & wet in woodlands
    • Comfortable & old clothing
    • Change of clothes to travel home
Is paintballing safe?


We know safety is a major concern for parents and that’s why at Teamforce it’s our No.1 priority. Here at Teamforce Paintball our standards of safety are extremely high along with our procedures and equipment. Teamforce have a exceptional safety record in paintball and junior paintball and are very proud of our commitment to maintaining these levels.

What should they wear paintballing?

We recommend wearing old outdoor clothing, boots, trainers or wellies.

How many games will we play?

Our birthday sessions consist of…

          • Morning – 10AM – 1PM (3 Games)
          • Afternoon – 1PM – 4PM (3 Games)
          • Full Day – 10AM – 4PM (6 Games)
Do you have Food & Drink onsite?

We have a on-site shop which sells:

Paintballs, Paint & Smoke Grenades, Soft Drinks, Crisps, Chocolates & more

How many paintballs will the kids need?

Everyone is different but generally we find adults fire more than younger players.

It’s entirely up to you on how many paintballs you want to use. 

The average use is:

200 – 400 for a Half day (3 hour session)

300 – 600 for a Full day. (6 hour session)

We highly suggest everyone brings some extra money just incase they do want to buy more paintballs on the day though.

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Our Facilities

Our Laser Tag & Paintball centre in Llangyfelach, Swansea is open all year round where we have the following facilities:

      •  Credit & Debit card facilities
      •  Sheltered Picnic Areas – For year round gaming
      •  FREE On-site Car Parking Facilities
      •  On-site shop – Snacks & Refreshments
      •  GameZone Viewing Areas for Non Players

Downloads & PDF’s

Here are some useful downloads that you may need before you play paintball at Teamforce.

Please note: Its important that a parent or guardian prints, signs and brings “Paintball Registration Forms” to Teamforce for players under 11 years of age.


Paintball Registration Forms

Download here


Birthday Invitations (Colour)

Download here


Birthday Invitations (Black & White)

Download here