Teamforce “Rules of Paintball!”

These are some of our fun “Rules of Paintball” to give you something to think about before your next battle at Teamforce Swansea!

If this player is shooting paintballs at you at Teamforce Swansea, a barricade is a good idea to take cover behind!
Paintball Rule Number 13
“Never share a paintball barricade with anyone braver (or crazier) than you.

So what are our Paintball Rules all about? These rules are a bit of fun and meant to provide some advice or observations about the game of paintball. They are not the same as the safety rules that we enforce at Teamforce Paintball and Laser Tag Centre Swansea, because they are there for a very important reason and ensures that our excellent safety record is maintained.

Paintball Rule Number 13 is one of our favourites. Why is that you might ask? Well in our experience of playing paintball if you share a barricade with either a brave or crazy type of player, the chances are you are in the middle of the battle and absolutely bossing it! Hopefully your fellow player will be getting all the paintballs aimed at him/her and not you, so you will need to make the important decsion whether to share the barricade or not.

Paintball or Laser Tag, which do you prefer to play?

Many of our customers ask us which game they should play, either paintball or laser tag. Our response to this is why not try both and see for yourself which you prefer. With many of our customers being repeat visitors to our centre for either paintball or laser tag, we are now seeing many customers booking both games. They both offer great fun in their own way.

Paintball has been around over thirty years and has developed into a global activity where there are even professional players. For the majority of people paintball is a fun day out in the fresh air, with a competitive aspect. With the advent of low impact junior paintball, which uses smaller 50 calibre paintballs it is now much more accessible to all types of people.

The latest Laser Tag equipment is just like what you would use in online gaming. It is a great option for you to try as your first shooting type activity. Laser Tag at Teamforce Swansea has proved to be really popular since we introduced it almost 3 years ago. Laser Tag is now very popular for all sorts of customers. More and more corporate business groups have booked to have some fun whilst building their teamwork skills.

Whichever you want to play, here at Teamforce our goal is to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Whichever you book, or perhaps you will book both, we look forward to providing a great day out for you.