Christmas Gift Vouchers!

Our Christmas gift vouchers make the perfect present where they can use throughout the year for both Paintball & Laser Tag.

Buy online now here or ring us on 01792 772311 to get your gift voucher this Christmas!

NEW Birthday Parties at Teamforce!

Today we’ve launched our brand new birthday party packages which include: party decorations, party balloons, party bags & more! To find out exactly whats in our new packages please click here

About our Kids Birthday Parties in Swansea

Our Children’s Birthday Parties includes a day full of fun & laughter for both kids and adults!

A birthday party at our Swansea based centre will provide one of the most unforgettable experiences for any youngster. Kids will live out their favourite computer game in real life with their best friends where they’ll be talking about it for weeks to come at school. What better way is their to solidify new friendships than by capturing the castle flag with friends in the final seconds of the game!

Choose either a Paintball or Laser Tag party and gear up for a fun-filled birthday battle!!

NEW G36C Assault Rifle – Laser Tag

laser tag rifle g36c


Our G36C Assault Rifle is the closest thing you can get to grabbing your favourite weapon straight out of Call of Duty! Armed with a front grip for added accuracy and stability, this is the ultimate upgrade for playing Laser Tag. The G36C at Teamforce Swansea will come fitted with a red dot scope for added realism to enable the player to get to the top of the leader board.

With its lightweight frame, fore grips & red dot scope sights the G36C is the ultimate rifle to go from close combat action to long distance sniping in seconds! The G36C assault rifle is extremely popular with players so if you’re interested in upgrading then please let us know when you’re booking so you don’t miss out.

NEW T22 Assault Rifle – Laser Tag


The T22 Assault Rifle is a state-of-the-art close combat & assault Laser Tag rifle. The T22 has great accuracy and can fire at enemy opposition up to 250 metres away. The T22 has a military feel & look which gives you that complete gaming experience when playing with friends and family. These guns are lightweight and suitable for player’s aged 8 and over which make them perfect weapons of choice if you’re looking to play Laser Tag in Swansea & South Wales.

Paintball VS Laser Tag

things to do in Swansea, Laser Tag, Paintball

Are you looking for things to do in Swansea?

Perhaps you’re tempted by both Laser Tag & Paintball? We know how hard it can be to find things to do in Swansea during school holidays, weekends, days off and birthday parties. If so, we have the perfect summary to help you make your decision on what activity you can do in Swansea!

Paintball vs Laser Tag?

Are you looking to choose between paintballing with us or playing Laser Tag at Teamforce? We’ve broken down both of our activities to help you make a decision for booking your activity day out in Swansea.

Younger age ranges

To play paintball at Teamforce you need to be aged 8+ years. We also offer Laser Tag for ages 8 and over at our Swansea based centre.


Paintball offers the Call of Duty experience with paintballs flying past you whilst you crawl through the battlefield, but Laser Tag offers the same thrills without the contact. Laser Tag is child friendly as their is no contact when shot electronically.


Still not sure what to choose?

Give us a ring on 01792 772311 and we’ll do our best to help you decide!

NEW Gift Vouchers available

NEW Gift Vouchers Available!

We are now offering gift vouchers that are available to purchase online. These make a great birthday present, fathers day gift, christmas gift or even a treat for someone who’s looking for a fun filled day at Teamforce!

Head over to our online shop to see more about the Teamforce gift vouchers which are available from only £5.

Struggling for a Father’s Day gifts in Swansea?

Father’s Day gifts in Swansea

Struggling for gift ideas for your dad on Father’s Day? We know at Teamforce that dad already has mountains of socks, cases of deodorant & plenty of personalised pens! Surprise dad this Father’s Day by getting him a day of action packed fun in Swansea this June with our gift vouchers at Teamforce. You can even pre-book smoke grenades, extra paintballs & food on the day using your gift voucher.

Is he busy with work? No problem, he can pick a time & date to suit him! Just let us know when you’re booking your game day at Teamforce in Swansea.

If you want to see our range of gift vouchers then head over to our online shop!