Top 5 tips for an awesome ambush! | Perfect for our activity days!

Here are our top 5 tips for an awesome ambush – perfect for our Easter half term activity days!

1.Communication is key! – Make sure you know what you’re doing and that your teammates know what the plan of attack is. Have a quick team meeting before the mission starts!

2. Stock Up! – Never ambush the enemy when you don’t have enough ammo! Know your team’s ammo state so you know how much everyone has and how many grenades you can use (Top tip – use a ThunderFlash to signal the ambush or even a BB Grenade!)

3. Position yourselves! – Have every one of your teammates in position – you should already know your team’s numbers so make sure you put an even number of players in each position (Top tip – when defending the castle, don’t forget to position players all around to stop the enemy sneaking up from the side!)

4. Don’t be a sitting duck! – If the enemy spots you, don’t become a sitting duck! Instead, run in a zig-zag to new cover until you are out of their line of sight! (Top tip – before you come to our Easter Half Term Activity days familiarise yourself with our zone maps so you know your way around!)

5. Dress the part! – Finally, make sure you and your teammates are well cammed up so the enemy doesn’t see you before the ambush starts!

Now that you have our top 5 tips for an awesome ambush why not put your skills to the test during our Easter half-term activity days! Find out more about our adventure filled days here!

Christmas Gift Vouchers!

Our Christmas gift vouchers make the perfect present where they can use throughout the year for both Paintball & Laser Tag.

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NEW Birthday Parties at Teamforce!

Today we’ve launched our brand new birthday party packages which include: party decorations, party balloons, party bags & more! To find out exactly whats in our new packages please click here

About our Kids Birthday Parties in Swansea

Our Children’s Birthday Parties includes a day full of fun & laughter for both kids and adults!

A birthday party at our Swansea based centre will provide one of the most unforgettable experiences for any youngster. Kids will live out their favourite computer game in real life with their best friends where they’ll be talking about it for weeks to come at school. What better way is their to solidify new friendships than by capturing the castle flag with friends in the final seconds of the game!

Choose either a Paintball or Laser Tag party and gear up for a fun-filled birthday battle!!

NEW Stag Party Packages

Today we’ve launched our new stag party packages on our website. We’ve now created bespoke stag packages that include smoke grenades, paint grenades & extra paintballs.

To see our new packages which are perfect for stag parties in Swansea then please click here

About our Stag Do’s

At Teamforce we offer the ultimate adrenaline rush with paintball stag do’s in Swansea. What better way to usher your best friend into married life than by ruthlessly bombarding him with paintballs all day?

At Teamforce we guarantee that you’ll have a day of unforgettable laughs that will be talked about long after the wedding

On the day we’ll take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the paintballing fun with the rest of the stag party. We’ve been creating adrenalin pumping days out for stag do’s in Wales for 10+ years and have had thousands of happy stag groups leave our gates every year.

Call us today on 01792 772311, book online or email us here for more details on how we can help make your stag party one to remember!


Back to School Blues Offer!

Back to School Offer

Beat the back to school blues with one last blast of action packed excitement at Teamforce!
  • 300 Paintballs
  • Tippmann FT50 paintball marker
  • Unlimited CO2 Gas
  • Full face and eye protection goggles
  • Protective overalls
  • and a Battlepack
  • all for just…

WAS £28.99  NOW ONLY £20.00

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Valid Saturdays and Sundays only until October 23rd

Our top 7 tips on how to survive the Man vs. Mountain challenge!

Our top 7 tips on how to survive the Man vs. Mountain challenge!

man vs mountain n2

Rat Race’s ‘Man Vs Mountain’ is not for the faint-hearted. The course takes place on September 3rd. 2016 and begins at sea level in Caernarfon with an incline of 5055ft. up Snowdon, the finish line is located at Llanberis. The entire course is around 22 miles long and obstacles range from abseiling to jumping into freezing water!

These are our top 7 tips for you if you are planning on taking part in this adventure of a lifetime!

 1. Ensure you are prepared for all types of Welsh weather!

Man Vs Mountain is located in North Wales (hardly known for consistent, sunny weather). There is no guarantee that the weather forecast will be accurate on the day, conditions on the summit can be extremely different to what it’s like at sea level. We highly recommend running trainers that will support your feet and ankles as you will be walking/running on uneven terrain (top tip; make sure you break these shoes in prior to the event, no one enjoys blisters!).

2. Make sure you bring a change of clothes for when you get to the finish line.

You will get extremely wet and very sweaty so make sure you take dry, warm and comfortable clothing for when you finish. The last thing anyone would want is to be driving home in wet clothes and cold feet.

3. Make sure you know the route and know what’s ahead!

 One of the most important things to know is the route that you’re taking. Along this tough course you will encounter hard obstacles on the way to the finishing line, these are the hurdles;

Into The Foothills

The Summit

The Vertical Kilometre

Abandoned Village

Quarry Jump

Shark Cage Dunk

The Slide

Pool Party

Slippery Wall

Obstacle Course

 4. Make sure you have essentials in your kit bag

It is very important you have the essentials packed in your kit bag; you want to be prepared for the worst.

Here is a list of things we recommend for you to have;

Plenty of water

A lot of nutritious and high energy foods

Warm clothes

A first aid kit

Emergency supplies e.g. a torch, emergency blanket and a whistle!

5. DO NOT test new kit on the day!

If there’s one thing you take from reading this, it’s this; do not leave it till the last minute to test the kit you brought with you! We’ve all been there; ready to start our adventure only to realise a vital piece of kit doesn’t work! Make sure you test all equipment before the day, therefore you will not be wasting any time on the day because your kit isn’t in top notch condition.

6. Don’t over pack!

The amount of kit you pack can make or break your adventure! Try packing your bag with all the essentials you may need on the day so you can feel how heavy it will be. When you are training for the event it is also a good idea to train with the same weight on your back, this way you won’t be shocked and unpleasantly surprised with how much extra weight you would be carrying on the day.

7. Taking part as a group? Do some team building before!

Taking part in this adventure as a team can make the experience more enjoyable and can be extremely motivational! To make sure that you and your team will work as effectively as possible on the day then why not visit us at Teamforce for an action packed day of Paintball before the event!

Click here for more information on Paintballing at Teamforce!

All in all, whether you are planning on competing in the Man vs. Mountain event or just want to have a stroll up Pen-y-Fan then following these easy tips will certainly ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible!

NEW T22 Assault Rifle – Laser Tag


The T22 Assault Rifle is a state-of-the-art close combat & assault Laser Tag rifle. The T22 has great accuracy and can fire at enemy opposition up to 250 metres away. The T22 has a military feel & look which gives you that complete gaming experience when playing with friends and family. These guns are lightweight and suitable for player’s aged 8 and over which make them perfect weapons of choice if you’re looking to play Laser Tag in Swansea & South Wales.

Paintball VS Laser Tag

things to do in Swansea, Laser Tag, Paintball

Are you looking for things to do in Swansea?

Perhaps you’re tempted by both Laser Tag & Paintball? We know how hard it can be to find things to do in Swansea during school holidays, weekends, days off and birthday parties. If so, we have the perfect summary to help you make your decision on what activity you can do in Swansea!

Paintball vs Laser Tag?

Are you looking to choose between paintballing with us or playing Laser Tag at Teamforce? We’ve broken down both of our activities to help you make a decision for booking your activity day out in Swansea.

Younger age ranges

To play paintball at Teamforce you need to be aged 8+ years. We also offer Laser Tag for ages 8 and over at our Swansea based centre.


Paintball offers the Call of Duty experience with paintballs flying past you whilst you crawl through the battlefield, but Laser Tag offers the same thrills without the contact. Laser Tag is child friendly as their is no contact when shot electronically.


Still not sure what to choose?

Give us a ring on 01792 772311 and we’ll do our best to help you decide!

Swansea Air Show 2016

swansea air show

The weekend of the Swansea Air Show is upon us!

Teamforce Paintball & Activity Centre are pleased to say that we shall be there this Saturday & Sunday. So come find us if you’re visiting Swansea this weekend and see some of the following at our stalls.


Swansea Bay. The airshow is visible all along the front of Swansea bay but will be very busy throughout the day.

Don’t miss out on the events which last from 10AM-6PM on both days!

See you there!


Red Arrows return to Swansea for 2016

Swansea Council confirmed today that the Red Arrows will be back in Swansea in 2016. On Saturday, July 2nd & Sunday, July 3rd the Red Arrows will yet again headline both days at the Wales National Airshow. The free event in the summer has attracted over 165,000 visitors with people flocking to Swansea from all over Wales & the UK to watch the breath taking displays on the beach.


For a limited time only we have 10% OFF Paintball Tickets

To claim this offer simply enter your code ‘BLOG10‘ at the checkout of our online shop

Paintball vs The Red Arrows

The Red arrows can travel at a maximum speed of 638 miles per hour which is roughly three times the speed of a paintball at its highest velocity!

So if you’re coming to visit the Red Arrows at this years National Airshow, we have a wide range of activities such as; Paintball, Children’s paintball, Archery & Air-Rifle all on offer.