Father’s Day @ Teamforce Swansea

PBALL Father’s Day is one of those celebrations we always tend to forget about until the very last minute. It doesn’t help matters that the date changes every year. Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday of June, which means there’s no fixed date for it each year.

This year Father’s Day will fall on the 18th June 2017. Now is the perfect time to get in touch with Teamforce Swansea to book a Paintball or Laser Tag session for Dad, or you could get him some Gift Vouchers that are sure to bring a big smile to his face!

IMG_1329 (2)

So whether you’re planning on buying a pair of socks, or one of those ‘Best Dad in the World’ type of gifts – why not do something a bit different in 2017 for Father’s Day?

It’s not too late to organise and book a really great action packed day out for Dad. Teamforce Swansea can provide an awesome Father’s day out, with paintball being a top choice for many Father’s who want to relive their youth and show the kids he is still the ‘Daddy’ when it comes to playing the action hero!

Whilst Dad might be ‘full on’ for paintball, perhaps an action packed session of Laser Tag at Teamforce Swansea might suit all the players better – either way Dad will be on a mission and out to win this Father’s Day!

A Perfect Day Out on Fathers’s Day

    Speaking as a Dad myself this would be the sort of awesome Father’s day I think many Dad’s would enjoy (Big Hint here to my family)!
    • A leisurely full cooked breakfast/brunch with a ‘tidy’ cup of fresh tea leaves breakfast tea. Oh yeh, and don’t spare the thick cut Orange Marmalade and lashings of buttered toast!
    • Kit up ready for an afternoon session of Paintball or Laser Tag and warn the kids, family and friends that no prisoners will be taken!

    • Arrive at Teamforce Swansea for Father’s day with loads of family and friends and make sure Dad gets the best Upgrade gun available and plenty of ammo.

    • Some extra smoke or Thunder flash grenades for the adults will add that extra realism to the battles.

    • After gearing up with the latest paintball or Laser Tag gear and getting ready for the battle, be prepared to have a Dad who will be back in his element and ready for action. This is ‘how Dad rolls’ and he is bringing with him all the carnage and firepower available!

    • After battling it out in the game zones at Teamforce, Dad, and no doubt everyone else will be ready to go home for ‘tea and medals’ and then freshen up before going out to a local pub for a hearty meal and a well-deserved pint.

    • Finally a nightcap from that nice bottle of vintage port that was a Father’s Day present earlier brings to an end a perfect day.

    • Now that’s a Father’s Day to remember!

    Well, here’s hoping that I don’t end up with another pair of socks this year for Father’s day. If I’m a good boy I might just get lucky and get an action packed day at Teamforce or maybe a day out kayaking down the white water rapids on the River Wye, but that’s a story for another day!


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