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Scenario Rating

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Excitement Level

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Close Combat

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Best suited for:

Snipers & Stealth

This military scenario has one solitary objective, which is to raise or defend the Castle flag at all costs. Oil barrels & barricades are placed strategically throughout the zone to provide adequate cover for the attacking team.

Recommended Weapons & Equipment

  • Preferred Weapon: Cronus Tac Ops
  • Secondary choice weapon: Bravo One Elite
  • Equipment: Gloves, battle pack
  • Extras : 2 x Smoke grenades, 1 x Thunderflash
  • Paintballs: 200-300 Paintballs

The attacking teams objective is to advance on the castle whilst avoiding enemy fire to raise the flag under a hail of defensive fire. Points are awarded for bravery on the day for anyone who’s willing to sustain enemy fire whilst raising the flag.

When you’re defending the castle flag you have the choice of perching up high on the top floor where you have good views over the game zone or, choose to be low down near the flag base in the thick of the action.

Don’t worry though on the day you’ll have a chance to attack and defend the castle game zone.

If you’re planning on getting a few smoke grenades then we highly recommend using them in this paintballing scenario for best effect.