Zombie Apocalypse

(Teamforce Special Ops)

A top secret facility has had a batch of the VeX5 virus stolen and the suspects have become infected with VeX5 virus.

They have now become the Zombie undead.

You have been tasked as a Response Team member to report for a Laser Tag Zombie Elimination Exercise at our training venue here at Teamforce Swansea.

We will be awarding prizes for the best fancy dress for either the Zombies or the Response Team.

Book now to stop the Zombie Hoard.  Price is £18 per person.

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Your Mission

You are required to book now to reserve your space for a one hour Laser Tag Zombie elimination training session on the following dates: 31st Oct 2018.

On arrival at our training venue, recruits will be divided into two teams, one will (for training purposes) be the Zombie Response Team (ZRT), the other, The Zombie Hoard (TZH).

The first training mission will run, where if a TZH is eliminated they become a response team member. If a ZRT is eliminated they become a Zombie.

Teams will be battling it out to have the greater numbers on their side when the time runs out. Will you become a Zombie or one of Zombie Response Team?

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